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Ad blocking on the Spike Native Network – nothing to see here

Ad blocking on the Spike Native Network – nothing to see here

Posted by on August 2, 2016

If you believe what you read, we are approaching ad Armageddon with over 25% of website visitors having some variation of ad blocking enabled, costing publishers money and causing headaches for advertisers trying to reach customers.

While this is certainly the case on many mass media networks, ad blocking rates on Spike network sites range from 1.3 – 3.8%, a fraction of the industry average.

What makes Spike different?

  • Users consume our content at work while on the job (work PC’s are much less likely to have ad blockers enabled)
  • Our readers are not predominantly millennials
  • Our ads are targeted towards content/products that help them in business, so our sites are more likely to be added to an ad blocker white list
  • The Spike Native Network has a huge email distribution, reaching hundreds of thousands of business consumers every month. Spike ads contained in our emails are far less likely to be blocked than traditional website banners

If you ready to try a native network that delivers, contact the Spike team today and take the first step towards more effective campaigns with unrivalled ROI.


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