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Promoted content and consumer trust

Promoted content and consumer trust

Posted by on October 12, 2016

Consumer trust issues still exist for many native advertising providers according to ChangeAdvertising.org, a nonprofit focused on data and web ads.

The new report has found that although native ads are delivering new revenue for advertisers, it is at the expense of their relationship with the reader. The most telling statistic from the research was the following:

Only half of the 312 links in recommended content widgets actually went to what it considered legit advertisers.

With Spike, we guarantee your ads will sit alongside ‘legit’ advertisers. We pride ourselves on generating CTR’s that surpass the industry average, without the bait-and-switch techniques employed by many ad networks.

Consumers are smarter and not falling prey to these tricks, resulting in lower click-through rates. You can only dupe your site visitors so many times before the trust erodes which is why Spike only partners with sites that have high loyalty and trust with their readers.

We guarantee your ads will never appear alongside a celebrity’s drastic weight loss, nor a social post of what your neighbour ate for dinner last night. Do you really want your brand sitting amongst the above line-up?

To access the full report, visit the link below:

Recommended content widgets still have major disclosure and clickbait problems, says a new report

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