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Changing the Way You Interact With Prospective Clients

Changing the Way You Interact With Prospective Clients

Posted by on April 13, 2017

It’s no secret that the most important aspect of any marketing strategy is client interaction. You want to do everything possible to give potential customers what they want without coming off as demanding or fake, but you also want them to actually buy.

It’s not always easy, but once you understand a few things about how people like to consume content, you’ll be landing more clients than you ever imagined.


People Want to Feel in Control

While popup ads and banners get their messages seen, they end up being more of an annoyance than anything – nobody wants information thrown at them when they’re browsing the web.

To successfully use native advertising within your marketing mix, potential clients should be able to see your product or service while reading the content they came to see.

You want your message to standout, but not change the overall feel of the rest of the site. By creating the right balance, you can effectively improve the reader’s initial reaction to your content.  By matching the tone and style of the publication your reader’s are there to engage with, you immediately disarm customer’s aversion to advertising and open people to your message and call to action.

Readers should be able to take in your message without actually feeling like they’re being advertised to.

Limit Your Target Audience

As soon as you decide what content you want to create, you need to figure out whom your message is meant for. Sure, you could write a blog post that’s so general nearly anyone can understand, but your sweet spot clients are already going to know the material and are looking for something more.
Before anything else, you need to think, “what problem can my product or service solve, and who will get the most out of it?”

By narrowing your target audience, you can speak directly to a particular demographic and give them confidence that you understand their wants and needs.

It’s the difference between being “talked to” and being “talked at”.


Solve Problems

Why do people choose one product over another?

Sure, cost is definitely a factor, but what truly persuades someone to buy a specific product is how effectively it can solve some problem in their life. This is why it’s so important to focus on selling the product’s benefits instead of the features.

Imagine reading about a new television and all you see is a long list of technical specs:

LED display
4 HDMI inputs

While it provides necessary information, it does it in a way that’s, well, boring.

Instead, tell the reader how these features can improve their life:

“high definition gives you a crystal clear image from any angle.”
“LED display means you get deep black tones and colors that pop.”
“4 HDMI inputs so you can connect all your devices for easy access.”

It’s so much easier to relate to and leave a lasting impression from a benefit than a feature.


Learn Your Audience

These days, people can spot an ad from a mile away.

By understanding how individuals consume ads and what it is they truly want from them, you can make your marketing life so much easier. Knowing how to interact with your potential clients is just as important as the messages you’re giving them.


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