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10 Simple Content Marketing Tips to Double Your Lead Generation

10 Simple Content Marketing Tips to Double Your Lead Generation

Posted by on August 10, 2017

As content marketers, we all get stuck now and then. But, that’s no reason to get stressed and give up.

There are so many tips and tricks to break free of the chains that bound you and get you back to creating killer content your audience will love.

To make things easier, we’ve compiled a list of 10 of the easiest, most effective ways to mix things up and ensure you increase your lead generation.


Connect to Your Readers on an Emotional Level

Humans strive on personal connections with others. Instead of “talking at” your audience, talk to them.

Hit your customers with benefits, not features. Your new toaster heats up to the temperature of the sun, great (feature). Your new toaster cooks toast in half the time! So you can sleep in (benefit), now we’re talking!

We’re talking about tangible changes to my morning routine here, now that is what I’ll sit up and take notice of.

Triggering an emotional response not only is the fastest way to break down barriers to connecting with people, but also the key to potential customers remembering your interaction.

Use Headlines that Hook People

No matter what you’re writing, if the headline is bland, people won’t get past it.

The headline is essentially the most important piece of any blog post or article, so it has to jump out and make people feel like they HAVE to keep reading.

Here’s an example. See which of these two headlines would make you want to continue reading:

            I Refinanced My Mortgage and Saved a Lot


A Quick Trip to the Bank Saved Me Thousands: Learn How I Did it

Pretty obvious right? Both headlines lead to the same article, but the second one captures people’s attention and leaves them wondering how it works.


Invite Guest Bloggers

Follow other blogs in your niche that you love? Reach out and see if they’ll post on yours.

It’s basically a win-win because not only are they expanding their reader base by putting their content somewhere new, you’re attracting some of their fan base to your site.

Having a guest blogger adds a fresh voice, new ideas, and a way to expand your horizons in the online marketing world.


Guest Blog for Others

Now it’s time to return the favor (but you benefit as well).

Put out some of your own content on someone else’s blog to expand your audience and attract new people to your site.

If someone guest blogged for you, see if they’ll let you do the same for them.

It’s benefits everyone involved and is such a simple way to attract new readers.


Use More Lists

This probably won’t come as much of a shock, but people have pretty short attention spans nowadays.

Instead of bombarding your readers with huge paragraphs of details and jargon, sum up what you want to say in a numbered list.

“Top Ten Reasons You’re Not Getting New Clients” is much more attractive to read than a 10,000 word article that breaks down all the scientific reasons you’re failing at getting customers.

Don’t get me wrong – there are people who prefer lengthy, data-driven articles, but for most online content, keeping things clear and concise is the way to go. If readers want more information, they can click the links you provided in your post.


Know the Current Trends

What’s popular now may be considered outdated in a week. Things change faster than ever and to avoid missing out on trends, you have to stay up to date with what people like.

The easiest and most effective way to see what people are into at any given time is to check out Google Trends regularly.

Keep tabs on what people search for and how they spend their time online. Use this data to create relevant content that’s sure to keep your audience interested.


Use a Strong Call to Action

So, you’re headline is super catchy, your content is relevant and filled with awesome links, and your readership is higher than ever. The only problem is, these readers aren’t becoming clients or customers.

They consume what you have to offer, but that’s the end of it.

To combat this, you have to make sure your call to action is appropriate to your content.

Instead of sounding submissive with lines like, “Please sign up to our email list”, you have to be straightforward and demanding.

Go with something more along the lines of “Sign up now and change your life for the better!”

Sprinkle in some emotion and urgency, and make the reader feel like if they don’t do what you say, they’re going to miss out on the chance of a lifetime.


Take Advantage of “Share Buttons”

Once you’ve created incredible content, you have to make sure it’s seen by as many people as possible.

Where are the people hanging out these days?

Well, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are pretty highly populated places on the web where people are hungry for content.

On every one of your blog posts or shared articles, throw in one of those “share buttons” for all the social media sites people use.

It only takes a couple seconds of your reader’s time, but it’s a fantastic way to spread your content to the masses.


Solve People’s Problems

To be blunt, people care more about things that benefit themselves, than something that’s just “interesting”.

Take full advantage of this by zeroing in on a huge problem your clients might be facing, researching it like crazy, and finding the best solution.

Post an article that highlights these problems, shows that you relate to their frustrations, and gives them a fix.


Post User-Generated Content

For starters, adding content to your site that’s created by users is easy, and saves you the time and effort of creating it yourself.
Aside from that, user-generated content is extremely popular because people love hearing what similar readers care about. If a user posts something to your site, it tells other readers that your site is worthy of their time, so it should be worthy of theirs as well.


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