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Content Marketing: Why an Audience-Centric Approach Wins Every Time

Content Marketing: Why an Audience-Centric Approach Wins Every Time

Posted by on August 29, 2017

Creating quality content sounds like an easy enough process, right? Post about what’s “in”, add some images, maybe a video, and unleash it to the people.

Well, there’s a bit more to it than that.

A lot of companies have their process all wrong and while they may still be succeeding, it’s definitely holding them back.

It all comes down to two methods of content marketing – content-centric and audience-centric – and focusing too much on the former could end up being the demise of your marketing strategy.

So, let’s break down the differences between these media creation methods and see why one outperforms the other.


Off the bat, this method seems like a great approach. It’s based on the idea that the content you create will be so in-sync with your company’s theme and values that those who consume it will be blown away.

Here’s the issue though – while the content may be top-notch, it could end up being something your audience couldn’t care less about.

As the years go by, successful marketing tactics move further and further away from a “one size fits all” methodology. Now more than ever, people are fixated on one thing – the “self”.

This isn’t a bad thing; it’s just that the current generation is surrounded by 24/7 social media, instant gratification, and products designed to make their lives more enjoyable.

By focusing solely on content and publishing en masse, you’re taking a huge gamble by only engaging a percentage of your audience.


Obviously if you want to make a lasting impression with someone, you have to show interest in them. Constantly focusing on yourself or your company’s accomplishments not only makes you seem vain, but it may actually bore your audience.

With an audience-centric approach to media creation, you’re taking the time to learn about your consumers, find out what they want to hear about, and target your messages directly to them.

Here are the main benefits of using this approach at marketing:

• You’ll know your customer’s needs.

The better you know your audience, the easier it is to craft content that will appeal to them.

By researching their pain points and desires, you can identify the perfect type of information to put in front of your consumers.

Find out what troubles them and provide solutions.

• You’ll create trust

When your content directly reflects the interests of your audience, they’ll know you took the time to understand them. Not only does this make the content more engaging, it creates a level of trust between you and your customers.

This trust makes it more likely they’ll come back to you for additional content instead of looking elsewhere.

• You’ll be able to connect on an emotional level

Humans are emotional creatures – when we take in media, we want to feel something that ends up sticking with us.

This is an incredibly powerful marketing tool.

Once you do some research and learn about your audience – what drives them; what makes them take action – then you can use that to craft your content in a way that’s guaranteed to hook them in.

Take this information and run with it.

While it may be tempting to create content that revolves around your business and all it’s successes, you’ll find that by truly understanding your audience and crafting copy around them, you’ll see much more success.

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