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The Spike Difference – DG Institute

Posted by on August 18, 2017

The Spike Native Network platform delivers unprecedented brand protection and association for premium business-focused brands, looking to recommend content to a relevant audience.

Understanding our network and audience is a key focus for the Spike team. Offering demographic mapping and solutions to pain points is central to our content optimisation services. This process continues right the way through campaigns, with best practice campaign scheduling, A/B testing, suggested headline and creative recommendations.


Spike currently has over 30 active clients across the network. What’s more, repeat business for this burgeoning platform is outstanding, with an 85% retention rate. Spike has clearly filled a niche for premium brands to target aggregated vertical audiences.


Mercedes-Benz Australia’s first entry into content marketing in Australia has been exclusively through the Spike Native Network. Financial institutions like CommInsure and AMP Capital have quickly enhanced their standing as thought leaders in the finance industry through the promotion of content across our finance audience. As a first-year startup, we’re especially excited that we’ve been able to consistently beat CPL/CPA figures from other established digital channels like Facebook and LinkedIn.

A Closer Look:

Spike-Article-Element1DG Institute is a property and legal wealth consultancy. DG has an excellent content marketing team, with outstanding video content featuring the company’s director and founder, Dominique Grubisa. With a new product seminar launching and a short timeframe to fill spots, DG approached the Spike team to discuss promotion across the network.

Spike’s content studio focuses on leveraging brands with a thorough understanding of and well thought out content base for consumer-focused products. Taking a brand such as DG Institute and working with them to adapt in-house marketing to a very specific and highly qualified audience to maximise the cut-through with our audience is where the Spike studio excels.


Spike-Article-Element2Our audience specialists were able to analyse DG’s content and formulate a schedule to engage our network with a series of content recommendation placements that would introduce the brand to a pre-qualified network of consumers interested in property investment, financial advice and broader consumer-facing investment opportunities.


The first round of six ads had significant cut-through with our audience, with an excellent base response. An average click through rate of 0.14% across the initial campaign gave us a solid base from which to optimise and explore content silos that grabbed our readers’ attention.


Through our process of significantSpike-Article-Element3 restructuring of headlines and creative in partnership with both our content analysts and the DG team, we’ve since been able to achieve individual click through rates of 0.72% on ads.


Spike’s partnership with DG Institute continues to grow as we work closely in tandem with upcoming events. The flexibility of the Spike team and platform has allowed us to quickly fill quotas for events that often pop up with short waiting periods.




“DG Institute has been thoroughly impressed with the Spike network. David, Jo and the Spike team are an absolute pleasure to deal with, and our results have been outstanding. We look forward to continuing our partnership with such an effective team and product.” – Vivek Sood, Marketing Executive, DG Institute


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