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7 Easy Tactics for Generating Content Marketing Ideas

7 Easy Tactics for Generating Content Marketing Ideas

Posted by on September 6, 2017

Running out of ideas is something even the best marketers deal with. Sometimes, your brain just seems to shut down and it feels like you’re never going to have an original thought again.

It can be extremely frustrating.

Luckily, there are ways to overcome this mental block and get back to coming up with killer marketing content that blows your competition out of the water.

We’ve come up with 7 simple tactics you can use to get the juices flowing again.

  1. Swipe Other People’s IdeasNo, I don’t mean steal someone else’s work.I’m talking about creating something called a swipe file – a folder you keep on your computer, phone, or the cloud where you store great content you find in the wild.See an awesome ad online that sticks in your mind? Save it to your swipe file.

    Get an email that really intrigues you and leaves you wanting to know more? Swipe it.

    The idea here isn’t to copy content that’s already been created. It’s to create a repository you can look through to get inspired.

  2. Research What’s “in”We’re living among a fast-paced, ever-evolving generation where what seems “cool” one minute, is considered lame the next.Because of this, it’s so important to keep tabs on what people are into at any given time.Today, this is easier than ever. Hop on over to Google Trends and see what keywords are getting traffic, content that’s being followed on social media, and what sites are getting linked.


  3. Know Your AudiencePeople change all the time and if you want to keep your audience interested, you have to know how to relate to them.It’s almost impossible to come up with great content if you aren’t 100% sure you know whom you’re trying to reach.To find out more about your audience, it’s as simple as asking questions. Find out what they like, what they hate, and what they want to see more of. Feedback is an amazing tool and something you should be using.
  4. Social Media is KingSo how do you go about getting this feedback, you ask?Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are super effective ways of directly communicating with your audience. Post engaging questions and start discussions on your Facebook page to see what people have to say.Gather this data, do a bit of research, and apply it to your future content. What better way to find out what people want than to just ask?
  5. See What Your Competitors are DoingA little spying never hurt anyone.Again, I’m not talking about stealing other people’s ideas. I’m simply saying to go out on the web and see what’s been working for others. It’s another really effective way to research the market and find out what’s hot.Your number 1 competitor had a blog post that went viral? Find an aspect of the post that really sticks out, dig deeper, and create a post that touches on entirely new ideas or gets people thinking differently.

Generating Content Ideas

  1. Get to Know and Love Google AlertsThanks to Google Alerts, it’s never been easier to keep tabs on current trends going on everywhere in the world.All you have to do is input some search terms or keywords you want to be updated about, configure the settings for how often you receive notifications, what types of sites you’ll be shown, how many results you’re sent, and which Google accounts gets the notifications.Once you create the alert, you’ll be sent personalized content directly to your email on a daily basis. It seriously couldn’t be simpler.
  2. Look to What Interests YouThe best way to create awesome content is to expose yourself to awesome content.If you want to be a great marketer, you have to read a lot of marketing content from all over the place. If you’re like us, you probably read dozens of blogs, listen to multiple podcasts, and pay close attentions to online trends.Use this obsession to create killer content of your own. Absorb everything around you like a sponge and you’ll start to feel the creative juices flowing.

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