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Rich Media: Mix it up!

Rich Media: Mix it up!

Posted by on September 15, 2017

The days of traditional content delivery methods are coming to an end. More often than ever, people will skip right past anything that doesn’t immediately hook them in.


People just don’t want to be told about things anymore, and they’re getting really good at avoiding any information that don’t interest them.

Does this mean simply using text is a waste of time? Absolutely not. You just have to be more creative with the content you provide – visually appealing content that get the viewer involved and are entertaining enough that they’ll stick around to see what it’s all about. The best way to do this is by taking advantage of what’s known as rich media.

Rich media is a method of digital content delivery that incorporates video, audio, and various interactive features to make the information more engaging to the viewer. Content that uses rich media stands out from the sea of text and static image based methods, making them more interesting to consumers.

Here’s Some!

Here’s why using rich media is so effective

It’s interactive

When the people you’re communicating to have the ability to play an active role in the process, they’re much more likely to stay engaged long enough to take in the entire message.

By simply prompting viewers to take an action (clicking play on a video, participating in a simple game, etc.), the level of interest greatly increases and the content leaves a lasting impression.

It’s more visually appealing

People can spot the difference between a wall of text and something of value in seconds. When they feel like they’re being “talked at” instead of pleasantly informed, they’ll most likely move on.

But when content stands out and grabs people’s attention, there’s a good chance they’ll check it out.

Seeing as how 90% of information is processed visually in the human brain, using eye-catching images and videos only makes sense.

It gives you more control

Having the ability to use visually appealing features as a sort of gateway to more content is a highly effective way of ensuring readers stay interested.

Sure this tactic can be taken too far – pop ups that block the entire screen, forcing users to click a link that takes them to an entirely new site they didn’t want. When done correctly, however, a “welcome” popup that contains a bit of information or gives users the ability to sign up to an email list can be a great tool.

It makes users feel more in control

While you ultimately maintain control over how your content is viewed, the user feels like they’re in charge since they are the ones navigating and clicking.

It goes without saying that the more engaged your readers are, the more satisfied they’ll be with your company overall.

Make the switch

If you’re still only using traditional content delivery methods, it’s time to make the move to rich media. To stay competitive and not have your messages completely ignored, a more interactive experience is absolutely the way to go.




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