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Brand Awareness: Our top 3 tips to ensure your audience relates

Brand Awareness: Our top 3 tips to ensure your audience relates

Posted by on March 13, 2018

When it comes to brand awareness, the ultimate goal of every business is for their brand to be so well-known that it falls amongst the ranks of proprietary eponyms such as Coke, Band-Aid and Tabasco.

However, reaching this level of success is no easy feat. Some brands take generations to imprint themselves in the public’s minds. To become a household name, you would have had to either have gone viral or had been a truly innovative and lets face it – lucky, at surviving your industry like Photoshop was for photo editing.

But what if you no longer have first mover advantage or have come to terms with the fact that going viral is not a realistic aspiration?

It’s perfectly fine to dream that your brand will someday be verbified like “super glued” or “Googled.” However, before that dream comes to fruition, you need to build brand awareness so you are recognised within your niche and perceived as an industry leader.

Here’s how to ensure your audience knows exactly who your brand is:

Be consistent with your advertising

If you want your audience to remember you, you have to be consistent with brand identity, which involves all the noticeable elements of your brand such as your trademark colour and logo. By using these consistently in all your advertising and across all your platforms, your audience develops a brand image of you that is lasting and easily identifies your aesthetic with your brand.

Maintain a defined brand voice

According to Harvard Business Review, 64% of consumers report that realising they have shared values with a brand is a primary reason for why they maintain a relationship with the brand.

When you have a steady brand voice, you’re able to express your values, allowing your audience to understand and relate to you.  Your choice of words and how you structure your sentences all add to the personality of your brand. Your words and prose have the power to engage, motivate, and resonate with your audience. Ultimately, it is this voice that people will come to want to maintain a brand relationship with. And when you deviate from the brand voice that they have come to know you for, you risk losing their trust.

Leverage the powers of social media

By 2020, it is expected that the number of worldwide social media users will reach 2.95 billion. And when you recognise that almost a third of the Earth’s entire population can be found on social media platforms, it’s hard to ignore that social media is a powerful tool for intensifying brand awareness.

Build brand awareness and allow your audience to get to really know you by posting valuable content on social media that best represents what matters to your brand. Whether you’re on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, use your brand voice consistently to drive more engagement and whenever you encourage your followers to share your posts.

The key to ensuring that your audience knows exactly who you are is by being consistent with your brand identity and brand voice. When you are unpredictable with your product packaging, choice of words, and the type of content you share, your audience becomes confused and leaves them feeling that your brand cannot be trusted.

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