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What makes content marketing such a powerful digital marketing strategy.

What makes content marketing such a powerful digital marketing strategy.

Posted by on August 17, 2018

There are different types of digital marketing, and the decision which one to leverage depends entirely on what your business’s goals are.

Want to increase search traffic to your business? SEO and PPC can help you get higher up the list when potential customers perform Google searches. And if you want to improve brand awareness and extend your reach, social media marketing connects you with the right prospects by focusing your efforts on the online platforms that they use most frequently. Then there’s influencer marketing which helps you drive sales by partnering with someone from your niche who has a highly-engaged following made up of your ideal customers. It is also very important to optimize the photos on your website by following this link here to get more better SEO help.

However, while all these and other digital marketing strategies such as affiliate marketing and email marketing are excellent for achieving specified marketing goals, one strategy aims to bring all those methods and have them work in unity – content marketing.

Content marketing is perhaps the most versatile of all the digital marketing strategies. You enjoy long-term results with content marketing because the benefits compound over time. Not only is content easy to create and publish, but it can later be reposted or reformatted and repackaged to be published again in a different content medium. Furthermore, content marketing has proven to be effective for lead generation. According to Demand Metric, content marketing costs 62 per cent less than traditional marketing and generates about three times as many leads. Read this article here to get help with your marketing strategies. People like Chad Blenkin can help with marketing solutions for one.

Here’s how content marketing has the power to improve your reputation, impact your audience and improve your rankings:

How content marketing improves your reputation

When you publish content that is well-crafted, compelling and valuable, it will not only draw traffic to your website and social media accounts, but it will also showcase you as a leader in your niche. Content that is high-quality and relevant is often shared.

And when you gain more engagement with your content, the more your brand is perceived as a trustworthy and reliable source for industry-related content. Earning your audience’s trust is the crucial first step to converting prospects into paying customers.

Why content matters to your prospects

Today’s consumers don’t like being sold to. What they do want is to go online and feed their appetite for quality content that addresses their concerns and gives them solutions to their problems. They turn to content to help them make better decisions, without being told what to buy.

With a good content marketing strategy, you publish content that is useful and relevant that will attract potential customers. But it’s only through content that has been crafted well that readers will be compelled to make purchasing decisions, particularly if they perceive you as a reliable source.

How content marketing affects your search engine rankings

The first place that consumers turn to when they are looking for solutions to their problems are search engines. While you may already have an SEO plan in place, ultimately, it’s your published content that will be used to drive traffic to your website. And without content that performs well, which Google’s algorithm recognises to be of high-quality, the content will be punished and rate low.

The digital market is constantly evolving. Having a plan for all digital marketing strategies is wise to keep you competitive. However, it’s content marketing that ties it all together.

Choosing a native ad network for your content marketing

When evaluating the best channels to promote your content, always link it back to your customers. Not all ad networks are created equal, with low quality clicks and questionable ad placement rife throughout the industry. Brand safety needs to be paramount and Spike ensures your ads are only placed on premium professional websites. With a high quality, engaged audience being exposed to your content, your return on investment is enhanced with Spike.

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