Business services

Relevant business services are fundamental to the functioning of any successful SME. Issues with any business service can severely compromise the performance of any business, large or small.

of business owner’s found managing people professionally in their business extremely important to the success of their business (1)
of business owners sought external advice from their service providers in the last 12 months to support the growth of their business (1)
of lawyers, when asked about cyber security threats, recommended bringing in a form of outside help and investing in relevant software as the most appropriate security measure for all companies (9)

(1) MyBusiness – SME Insights Survey 2017
(9) Clothing Retailing Market Research Report – February 2017 IBIS World

SME’s typically rely on outsourced business services in order to focus their efforts on their skill sets and save time. Business owners not only expect exemplary service but advice and news about development in relevant fields.

Spike provides the perfect conduit to an impressive network of business owners, managers and interested parties thirsty for advice, understanding and no nonsense business services.

Spike is the perfect promotional platform for business service institutions and providers that offer:

  • Accounting services
  • Design and Production services
  • Maintenance services
  • Printing Services
  • HR services
  • Recruitment services
  • IT services
  • Foreign Exchange services