Computers and electronics

Computer and Electronic products are of course, ubiquitous as the backbone of any SME. Ongoing investment into computer hardware and electronics is a key driver in the growth of any successful business.

of financial advisors focus their sales, marketing and communications with clients around utilising technology (8)
of financial advisors consider themselves early adopters of new technology (8)

(8) The Adviser SNAP POLL

In a fast paced environment, computer hardware and electronics are constantly replaced, updated and expanded to new parts of businesses. Ensuring manufacturers and solution providers are effectively communicating the advances in hardware, and translating this into value for customers is key.

Spike speaks to a captive audience that is looking for advice and recommendations from a trusted source. As a result, the ability of Spike to engage, educate and drive sales is powerful.

Spike is the perfect promotional platform for computer and electronics companies that offer:

  • Office Computer retailers and brands
  • Associated Equipment retailers and brands
  • Communications Equipment retailers and brands
  • Audio and Video Equipment retailers and brands