Fashion and apparel

Designer Fashion and Apparel have remarkable cut through with successful individuals and businesses. They are investments in a lifestyle that cultivates and strives on success.

of real estate agents believe that vendors are more likely to employ them based on their personal presentation (7)
The fashion industry is set to continue its steady growth at 3.9%pa this year in Australia (13)

(13) Clothing Retailing Market Research Report – February 2017 IBIS World

Spike’s unique audience is exclusively made up of SME business owners, related parties and high net worth individuals.

This audience values an investment in consumable goods as a contribution to, or cultivation of their success. Spike connects designer fashion and apparel labels directly to their interested following, allowing brands to speak directly to their consumers.

Spike is the perfect promotional platform for fashion and apparel brands that offer products such as:

  • Designer Watches
  • Designer Clothing brands
  • Sports Clothing