The opportunities for SMEs to offshore many business processes are hard to ignore. The industry itself is seeing enormous growth not only in size, but in the capabilities and flexibility of offerings for all business needs.

Operational Improvement is considered the no.1 area of focus for SME owners improving their business performance (1)
Cost savings from offshoring business processes (12)

(1) MyBusiness – SME Insights Survey 2017
(12) Tom Cragg, Director – KMC Solutions, Philippines

SMEs are increasingly looking towards offshore teams to keep business service costs down, but also to add flexible layers of capacity and unique skill sets otherwise not available in local markets.

Offshoring companies have evolved quickly to accommodate the varying requirements of different businesses and continue to grow their service offerings.

These new offerings and capabilities are often difficult for SMEs to not only keep up with, but understand and relate too. Spike offers a gateway to interact with and display company capabilities with decision makers.

Spike is the perfect promotional platform for Offshoring services that offer products such as:

  • Call Centre Services Outsourcing
  • Information Technology and Internet Outsourcing
  • Digital Marketing Outsourcing
  • Design Outsourcing
  • Payroll Outsourcing