Expenditure across utilities is consistently among the biggest worries for all businesses. Businesses are constantly looking for information and savings in the management of their service accounts.

Competition continues to grow – Small retailers acquired 7 per cent of customers from the three market leaders between 2012 and 2015 (11)
– green energy solutions, bill flexibility options, ease of account transfer. Consumers are highly aware of their options and explore them regularly and with ease

(11) Australian Energy Regulator – State of the energy market 2015

Increasingly, businesses are looking towards cost savings over loyalty in deciding their utility accounts. Major disruptions through the rise of mid-tier utility providers and the ability to reach target customers through acquisition based marketing have facilitated savvy business owners to look carefully at their utility accounts as a focus for savings.

Spike provides a relevant and trusted source with which to communicate to utility customers. Whether focusing on branding or acquisition of new customers, Spike speaks to decision makers in a forum for decision making.

Spike is the perfect promotional platform for utility companies and providers that offer:

  • Internet services
  • Mobile and Business Phone providers
  • Electricity providers
  • Natural Gas Providers