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Spike offers you full control over the number of impressions and the length of campaign you want to run.


Segment your audience or cast your net wide – Spike offers full campaign flexibility.


Through a simple, user-friendly interface you can control your campaign messages – with full flexibility to add images, text and links to any type of content.


Once your campaign is underway, live reports are accessible via your personalised dashboard.

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Spike is the ideal platform for any brand or business looking to connect with new customers and prospects, and help them discover interesting content.

Media buyers and agencies

Spike offers a cost-effective, highly-effectual platform to connect your clients with an audience of business owners and high-net-worth individuals that are traditionally hard to capture via a single channel. Start now

Small-to-medium businesses

Spike can affirm your product and service credentials, create engagement and cultivate new relationships with potential customers. Create your campaign directly using our simple interface.

Big businesses and major brands

Spike is a powerful vehicle for large corporates and major brands to connect with business consumers. Click here to get started.

Public relations, content creators and communications firms

Spike is a unique tool to supercharge the reach of the content you create for your clients – proactively connecting it to the audiences you want to reach, engage and influence. Click here to learn more.


Spike makes it simple to connect your content – such as blogs, articles, video or sales campaigns – to audiences via a cost-effective CPM and CPC model.

Unique reach

The Spike content discovery platform is an Australian first – helping you to connect your content with highly-engaged, award-winning communities of business consumers and investor-savvy high-net-worth individuals.


Spike is the ideal vehicle to connect any business that sells goods or services to other businesses. This powerful B-2-B model ensures your content and marketing messages are connected to business owners and business decision makers across business-centric, targeted media platforms.

Push and pull recommendations

Not only does Spike make content recommendations on web platforms, it also proactivity drives recommendations via targeted daily newsletter campaigns – leveraging the power, engagement and connectivity of some of Australia’s most successful business media brands.

Content that connects

Use the Spike platform to promote interesting content that informs, engages and persuades. Content can include any article, podcast, presentation, blog, video, slideshow, research paper or report.


Spike can connect your content and marketing messages to your target audiences via two mobile-optimised product platforms.

Premium websites

The Spike Promoted Stories module delivers content recommendations and suggestions on leading online business communities, helping web visitors to discover interesting content while they are engaged with business content.

Targeted newsletters

The Spike Promoted Stories module delivers content recommendations and suggestions direct to a highly-targeted audience of business owners, decision makers and high-net-worth individual. This platform offers brands and marketers an unrivalled distribution platform that is unavailable via any other content network.

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We saw a 40% increase thanks to Spike

Several of our articles were not receiving the readership we knew they deserved. By boosting our audience reach through Spike Network, content views soared which lead to more database sign-ups and a boost in social followers.
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Spike CPC launches with massive email reach

Nov. 3, 2016 by

Spike today marked a major product development milestone, launching cost per click (CPC) campaign capability across our publisher email audiences.

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Promoted content and consumer trust

Oct. 12, 2016 by

Consumer trust issues still exist for many native advertising providers according to, a nonprofit focused on data and web ads.

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Ad blocking on the Spike Native Network – nothing to see here

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Spike home bg

Spike Native Network is live

Apr. 20, 2016 by

The Spike Native Network has launched, bringing to the Australian market an innovative platform that connects businesses and consumers through native advertising.

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