October 24: Spike wins the 'Publisher innovation award' at the Australian Magazine Awards!

About Spike

Spike is a content discovery platform that drives content recommendations to your target audience, helping to amplify your message and connect with customers

Targeted audience


With exclusive access to top media brands, websites and distribution platforms, Spike connects a sophisticated audience of business owners, decision makers and high-net-worth individuals – offering unparalleled engagement of your potential customers.

Multi-platform connectivity


As well as connecting customers to your content on premium websites, Spike delivers targeted outreach campaigns via one of Australia’s most-engaged databases of business consumers. This offering provides daily email touch points right into our audiences inbox, unavailable on any other network.

Instant scale


Promote your content to your target audience as frequently as you want – and watch your traffic soar.

Targeted audience


Target your content recommendations to our key demographics.

Maximum ROI


Tailor your campaign for success. Competitive CPM and CPC solutions all available to supercharge your campaign investment.

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Richard Sroka

Richard Sroka
Marketing and Communications Manager, Rivkin

Spike has been a refreshing new content distribution network for us. The level of service is exceptional and our account manager Jo is always a phone call away. We’ve also experienced a 30% decrease in CPL since we’ve started using Spike’s extensive network. Thanks guys!

Vivek Sood

Vivek Sood
Marketing Executive, DG Institute

DG Institute have been thoroughly impressed with the Spike network. David, Jo and the Spike team are an absolute pleasure to deal with, and our results have been outstanding. We look forward to continuing our partnership with such an effective team and product.

Kirsty Lamont

Kirsty Lamont
Director of Marketing and Communication, Mozo

Spike’s premium native network has allowed Mozo to access a super engaged new audience with seriously high conversion rates. Our campaign conversion rate on Spike is 123% higher than our next best native network.

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Get connected with Spike

Spike is the ideal platform for any brand or business looking to connect with new customers and prospects, and help them discover interesting content.

Media buyers and agencies

Media buyers and agencies

Spike offers a cost-effective, highly-effectual platform to connect your clients with an audience of business owners and high-net-worth individuals that are traditionally hard to capture via a single channel. Start now.

Small-to-medium businesses

Small-to-medium businesses

Spike can affirm your product and service credentials, create engagement and cultivate new relationships with potential customers. Create your campaign directly using our simple interface.

Big businesses and major brands

Big businesses and major brands

Spike is a powerful vehicle for large corporates and major brands to connect with business consumers.

Public relations, content creators and communications firms

Public relations, content creators and communications firms

Spike is a unique tool to supercharge the reach of the content you create for your clients – proactively connecting it to the audiences you want to reach, engage and influence.

The Spike Network

Exclusive access to one of Australia’s largest private networks of professionals, which provides a trusted to a unique and industry specific network of individuals, entrepreneurs and business owners.

Highly engaged


The Spike network is composed of highly specific industry based news and industry information publications, making them daily hubs for experienced professionals.

High touch points and frequency


Momentum Media has always focused on the consistency and frequency of multiple touch points for content without saturating and overexposing readership - including websites, bulletins and emails. Spike now uniquely sits across these touch points.

Trusted and respected brands


The key to the success of Spike is the success of our brands. Spike content immediately benefits from association with some of Australia’s most successful and trusted industry brands.

Channel diversity


One of Momentum Media’s key drivers of success is the range of channels with which the network is coordinated across. Spike focuses solely on digital publications and their correspondence with readership, whilst the power of the network is reinforced by events, networking platforms and profiles, podcasts and surveys.

Content focused


Part of Spike’s exclusive agreement with Momentum Media is its content focus. Momentum Media’s network focuses exclusively on providing useful content across a range of mediums. Spike’s unique native advertising framework adds to this content stream, with our team ensuring your content’s viability and success.

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Our Audience

The Spike audience represents one of Australia’s largest private networks of business professionals and high net worth individuals.

Largest Private Network

Spike’s exclusive access to a private network of business professionals cannot be underestimated. This audience is hyper specific in its industry and interests. Australia’s decision makers tune in to Spike’s network of publications.

Content Consumers

Our audience relies on Spike’s network of publications to stay up to date, and are characterised by their intention to consume content and to look for their next potential business opportunity. This shows thorough consistently high levels of engagement with our communities. It also translates into better performance of our ads across the Spike network.

With billions of impressions served, and outstanding performance within our network consistently proven, the Spike audience engages to understand and invest in new products and ideas.

How Spike works


Select your reach

Spike offers you full control of your campaign. Choose your method of delivery - with CPM, CPC and CPL options and set specific campaign budgets for complete control.

Select your reach


Best practise content

Ensure your content is perfect to engage with Australia’s premier business audience, with our step by step guides, and full review of content by our accounts team.

Choose your targets


Upload your creative

Through a simple, user-friendly interface you can control your campaign messages – with full flexibility to add images, text and links to your approved content.

Upload your creative


Prepare for traffic

Once your campaign is underway, live reports are accessible via your personalised dashboard.

Prepare for traffic

The Spike difference

Spike makes it simple to connect your content – such as blogs, articles, video or sales campaigns – to audiences via cost-effective CPM and CPC models.

Unique reach

Unique reach

The Spike content discovery platform is an Australian first – helping you to connect your content with highly-engaged, award-winning communities of business consumers and investor-savvy high-net-worth individuals.



Spike is the ideal vehicle to connect any business that sells goods or services to other businesses. This powerful B-2-B model ensures your content and marketing messages are connected to business owners and business decision makers across business-centric, targeted media platforms.

Push and pull recommendations

Push and pull recommendations

Not only does Spike make content recommendations on web platforms, it also proactively drives recommendations via targeted daily newsletter campaigns – leveraging the power, engagement and connectivity of some of Australia’s most successful business media brands.

Content that connects

Content that connects

Use the Spike platform to promote interesting content that informs, engages and persuades. Content can include any article, podcast, presentation, blog, video, slideshow, research paper or report.

Amplify your content with Spike

Spike can connect your content and marketing messages to your target audiences via desktop, tablet and mobile-optimised platforms.

Premium websites

Premium websites

The Spike Promoted Stories module delivers content recommendations on leading digital business platforms, helping web visitors to discover interesting content while they are engaged with business content.

Targeted newsletters

Targeted newsletters

The Spike Promoted Stories module delivers content recommendations and suggestions direct to a highly-targeted audience of business owners, decision makers and high-net-worth individuals. This platform offers brands and marketers an unrivalled distribution platform that is unavailable via any other content network.



The Spike Remarketing module provides a key touch point to engage our exclusive audience. This carefully curated network broadens the opportunity to showcase your content across multiple settings and placements.

Tailor made solutions

No matter what your end goal is, Spike has a tailored solution for you.

Spike Creative can help to kick start your campaign.

Our team of content and digital marketing experts can create your content as well as your ad, with headline and image optimisation.

The Spike team’s experience in producing and understanding what works can be the difference to your campaign. This all boils down to boosts in your ads engagement and conversion rate.

Whatever the intent, our publishers live by the mantra of timely, relevant and useful information, ensuring our audience appreciates your content.

At Spike, we help design specific goal based, targeted outreach campaigns for:

  • Lead Generation
  • Sales
  • Engagement
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Brand Awareness
  • Customer Retention/Loyalty
  • Customer Evangelism/Creating Brand Advocates
  • Upsell/Cross-sell
Spike advertising categories


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